Microneedling Mesotherapy

Microneedling Mesotherapy

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Delve deep into the innovative realm of facial therapy with our elite Microneedling Mesotherapy treatment. This state-of-the-art procedure combines the collagen-inducing benefits of traditional microneedling with the nourishing effects of mesotherapy, ensuring a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

Why Microneedling Mesotherapy?

Microneedling Mesotherapy is the convergence of two proven skin treatments for face. While microneedling stimulates the skin's natural healing process, mesotherapy infuses it with a blend of vitamins, enzymes, and other essential nutrients, ensuring a revitalized, hydrated, and radiant complexion.


  1. Dual Action: Experience the combined benefits of microneedling's collagen production and mesotherapy's nourishing properties.
  2. Deep Hydration: Thanks to mesotherapy, your skin enjoys deep hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving a plump, youthful look.
  3. Customized Solutions: The cocktail of nutrients in mesotherapy can be tailored to address your specific skin needs, be it hydration, pigmentation, or anti-aging.

When is it prohibited?

As with regular microneedling, Microneedling Mesotherapy may not be suitable for those with:

  • Active skin infections or cold sores
  • Propensity for keloid scarring
  • Skin conditions or wounds that are currently healing
  • Recent sunburns or excessive sun exposure

What you should know before your 1st visit?

  1. Abstain from sunbathing or tanning beds 48 hours prior to treatment.
  2. Stop the application of retinol or any Vitamin A derivatives a minimum of 3 days in advance.
  3. Ensure your face is free from makeup or heavy moisturizers when you come.
  4. Stay hydrated and consult our Predire Paris specialists to optimize the mesotherapy blend for your unique skin profile.

Discover the combined magic of Microneedling Mesotherapy at Predire Paris in CF Markville. Elevate your skincare game and bask in the luxury of supple, radiant skin. Secure your appointment today!

How much time does it take?

Usually procedure takes about 1 hour.

Want to ask something specific?

Feel free to get consultation by number +1 (416)-271-4257

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